Wake up EuRopa


All across Europe we witness the raise of populist leaders who poison our hearts with lies, hate and fear and try to buy our silence with big words and empty promises.

The wind of change is now blowing from Romania, where hundreds of thousands took to the streets across the country for the third night in a row, to protest against laws that would make it easier for corrupt officials to get away with their crimes. The country has never seen protests this big since the fall of communism. But Romanians have learned the price of freedom and they’re not ready to let anyone take it away from them.

Wake up Europe! We pray for our movement to be an inspiration for our European brothers & sisters who face similar problems in their countries. Don’t let demagogues poison your hearts or shake your faith in a peaceful, united Europe. Don’t let them take away your freedom. Don’t let them fill your heart with hate and fear. Together we can stop this madness. Can you hear me Budapest? Can you hear me Warsaw? Can you hear me Moscow? Can you hear me Istanbul? Can you hear me Paris? Can you hear me London?

To my friends everywhere,

Adrian Docea